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Helicopters are used for much more than line patrolling. The machines are used effectively in construction, delivering poles and even heavier loads to inaccessible areas.

The larger machines have also been equipped with special capabilities for stringing of lines which can help make the task much more efficient and also avoid any risk of land damage.

How can we help you?

The following is a list of capabilities and services the Helicopter Unit and its staff can provide:

  • 24-hour standby and available 365 days a year
  • Trained and authorised overhead inspectors (or the ability to carry an associated subject matter expert if required)
  • Anywhere on the National Grid Electricity Distribution network from Bristol within 1 hour 20 minutes during the working day.


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Flight and Inspection Services

  • Routine or reactive visual inspection of overhead electricity networks (or any other asset type)
  • Post storm or severe weather event inspections
  • Thermal inspection of any type of asset (including electrical but this could be extended to any component that may generate heat when failing or under stress)
  • Corona / UV inspection
  • High-Definition Filming and high-resolution stills imagery
  • LiDAR data capture for vegetation management or engineering purposes for any type of asset (including processing / point cloud publication should it be required)


Note: all of the above can be combined and conducted on a singular flight.

Ancillary Services

  • Underslung loads including positioning equipment or wood poles into remote or difficult access locations (strop / long line or net / bag)
  • Line stringing (valley or water crossing spans)
  • Movement of personnel (engineers / linesmen)
  • Free-hand filming (i.e. cameraman with hand-held camera)
  • Part 145 engineering facilities for the EC135